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General Posts / Vanguard Armory
May 18, 2016, 04:43:17 AM
I actually have a side business making this stuff.
Everything you see I made, except for my sword, her skirt and shirt.

Announcements / Atma of the Beyond
March 08, 2011, 03:19:22 AM
I've been meaning to get Evalyna this Atma and thanks to our fearless leader I finished the pop item.  Im going to try and to it either Tuesday (tomorrow) the 8th or Thursday the 10th.  If you need it speak up so we can make it work for as many of us as we can!
General Posts / Ninja Ninjustu Damage Report~
February 11, 2011, 11:58:14 AM
Some of you may be interested in this!

Long story short with Abyssea Atmas and buffs for MAB and INT I became curious how well a "Nuking" Ninja would work~

The main point of this build would be to effectively be able to damage NM and Boss mobs without melee in order to avoid the TP feed from melee strikes~

After building some gear and Magian Katanas (Neither finished) I started playing around while doing my second Trial 1533 and here are some quick rough results~

All testing was done on lvl 65-68 Succubus Bats in Uleguerand Range as 90NIN/45DNC and all samples were from "pull" casts, to ensure I didn't adjust the mobs natural defenses in any way during combat~

Base damage with no gear, no weather and a neutral day of the week unresisted:

Gear base Stats:

Magic Attack Boost : +24
INT : 74+44
Ninjutsu Skill : 316

Average Wheel range in Full gear:

Max Hyoton: San (ice) damage full gear, Iceday, double Ice weather (no Obi, Innin nor Futae) :

Max damage fully buffed in full gear, Iceday, double Ice weather, Innin and Futae:

Seeing this in a non-Abyssea zone is promising~

I'll test Abyssea later but with my measly 2 atmas It still wont be at its best potential (minus some gear)

Anyways! Cool stuff!
General Posts / This is weird...
March 23, 2006, 11:50:45 PM
When i open a page on this site the pages is refreshed over and over like its endlessly looped and the only way i can click on anything is timing the page load stop button when the page is full (it loops quickly like half a second)

Im gonna hope i dont post this thread 12 times when i hit submit so just saying its not my fault if it does XD

If this happens to anyone else (or if you know how to fix it) lemme know pls.