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General Posts / I'm an Uncle!
« on: October 18, 2007, 06:02:17 am »
My nephew, Jackson, was born at 12:53pm on October 16th.  He weighed 9lb4oz.

Had to drive three hours to get to the hospital in Memphis where they were at.  XD

General Posts / The Lucky Beastmaster Lounge
« on: August 08, 2007, 12:00:41 am »
Since there's a fair amount of people in the Linkshell either leveling Beastmaster, or expressing interest in doing so, I thought I'd start this topic and relinquish various tips and advice I've accumulated in my experiences with the job.  Maybe a bit later I'll post some camp advice as well.

General BST tips:

When fighting spellcasting monsters such as magic pots, stand opposite of your pet, and barely in melee range.  If set up correctly, any -ga spells that target
your pet will not affect you.  This works best if your pet is at maximum distance
from the target as well.

When charming a target, it's a good idea to run away from the target as you charm.  If you mischarm, you'll have a head start, and in many cases you can
just kite the mob around until your charm timer is ready.

Kiting Tip:  Know your terrain.  You can use pillars, rocks, and other obstacles to keep a mob busy.  Additionally, you can use pathing to your advantage.  Sometimes if you drop off a cliff, your chaser will take the long way around.

If you're in a camp that requires pet swaps, save Tame for midfight mischarms.  You can typically handle one mob attacking you, but having a mischarm and your original target on you at the same time is dangerous.

After a pet swap or in the event of a mischarm, it's useful to have a hateloss equipment swap macro.  An Earth Staff, Crow gear, and AF body are all useful to put in.  Your Haubergeon is definitely not going to improve your survival with -20 evasion....

Keep an eye on your surroundings.  If you're in a camp that has a lot of aggro, or elemental pops, it's useful to unlock the camera and do a 360 around your character to check for danger.

Pet food is handy if you need your pet to survive just a little longer.  AF also allows it to cure status ailments, most useful for paralysis.

If a suggested camp is too dangerous or aggravating, you always have the option of grinding through EP-DC targets.

(More to come.)

News / Lucky Site Activity
« on: August 02, 2007, 07:33:57 am »
Greetings, everyone.  Areya here.  The past few months have been relatively quiet on the site here, with only limited activitiy on the forums.  Anyways, we may try
to put together some events and the like soon.  If you have any ideas, feel free
to post them on the Forums.

Also, if you haven't registered yet, don't be shy, jump right on in.

General Posts / New Job Speculation
« on: July 27, 2007, 03:10:20 am »
This is just a random topic I'm starting detailing possible ideas for the new jobs SE may be adding to the game.  They have said that WotG will have some new ones.  I've been doing some brainstorming about what kind of roles they need to fill and such and I've come up with some ideas.  Note that these are all jobs that have showed up in the FF series before (and some other Square games), and I've applied some of their old tricks.

For my first post, I'll put in one, and then I'll add more possibilities later.

Mystic Knight
Background: This job showed up in Final Fantasy V.  It has also been called Sorcerer.  It used magic spells that imbued spell effects to its attacks.  It
also had a Magic Barrier effect that activated when their HP was low and
good magic defense.

Role: Tank / DD

Paladins and Ninjas are both good at tanking, but one area of weakness for
both of these is magic style damage.  Paladin have gotten a few tricks to
help combat magic (Rampart, Fealty) but still take a pounding, particularly
from AM.  Ninjas (and any job that's /NIN) can blink single target spells with
Utsusemi but AoE magic effects particularly rip into them.

Hence, I could see a Mystic Knight being designed to be an anti-magic tank.

Weapons: Sword (A or A- rating), Great Sword (B rating), Shield (B rating)

Spells: Saber Magic

Rather than just dump old things like Enthunder on them, I thought up of
a special category of spells.  Among these would be added elemental
damage (Flame Saber, Aqua Saber, Frost Saber, Holy Saber, Chaos Saber,
Storm Saber, Geo Saber, Wind Saber) for all eight elements.  But also
they would gain the ability to add even more exotic spells on their attacks,
such as Mute Saber, Bind Saber, Leech Saber, Aspir Saber, etc.  To keep
the job from being very unbalanced, the activation rate on the status
ailment one would not be 100% (similar to normal added effect weapons)
and the amount drained from Leech/Aspir Sabers would be low.

The damage and effectiveness of sabers would depend on Enhancing
Magic stat.  And the sabers would be low enough to where you could
get some of them on subjob.  (PLD/MYS would be a viable option, for

Job Abilities: Since this class has no spells other than sabers, JAs are
needed to help it tank.  Here are some ideas:

Deflect - Hate generating move that severely reduces magic based
damage temporarily.  Think Sentinel, for magic.

Runic Blade - A take off of Celes's move.  The next spell that is
cast upon you will restore some of your hp/mp, based on the mp of
the spell used, and any damage would be nullified.

Barrier - While active, your magic defense will be increased but your
normal defense will be decreased.

Job Traits - Magic Defense Bonus up to IV, Arcana Killer

Two Hour - Mystic Wall

For the duration of this effect, the Mystic Knight is granted a magic shield.
All spell damage is reduced to 0, and all effects that are achieved through
magical means (magic based TP moves, spells such as Sleep and Lullaby,
etc.) are resisted.

Stat Distributions: high INT and MND, good VIT and CHR, okay STR, low AGI
and DEX

good HP, fairly low MP

Armor: Medium - Heavy


This job will take a pounding against physical powerhouses, and can't deal
out the type of damage a traditional DD can muster.


More to come...

General Posts / Obligatory Pet Name Thread
« on: June 11, 2007, 03:27:58 am »
It's one of those frequently replied, near pointless threads that people love!

Anyways, for moi:

Wyvern - Celeste
Puppet - Calcobrena
Fellow - Radille

Help Desk / It's Not Easy Being Blue...
« on: April 19, 2007, 06:06:10 am »
...Mage, that is.

Especially when you have to keep pestering people for help.

Here's the lowdown:

Actinic Burst
Learned From: Ghrah

This shouldn't be terribly difficult other than just killing the things.

Vertical Cleave
Learned from: Euvhi (aka "flowers")

These have several TP moves including an AoE sleep.  Not to mention Vertical Cleave ignores blink.  But the Eo'euvhi in Grand Palace are only in the EM-T range, so a handful of people can do it.

Learned from: Wamoura

Yeah..  these are mean, and high level.  Gonna want something like a full party.

Magic Hammer
Learned From: Poroggo

Frog Song!   :o Refrain from killing the charmed tank!  Yeah, this is annoying.  But it's a light-based damage + MP drain, so might have uses.

Reactor Cool
Learned from: Zdei

Seeing as how these are black mage type mobs, with a bunch of annoying tp moves..   The Ice Spikes + Defense Boost effect is okay though.

Body Slam
Learned from: Dragon (Dahaks)

"You want to fight what!?"  Yeah these are mean, really mean.  Party or more.

Mind Blast
Learned from: Soulflayer

These things have entirely way too many tp moves that just utterly reek havoc.  On top of that, they're black mages, true sight, and VT-IT.

Memento Mori
Learned from: Corse

Don't you just love the black mage mobs with the charm moves?  Especially ones that only show up at night?

Learned from: Flan/Pudding

Magic Attack Bonus + Magic Defense Bonus, all in one neat package.  The trick is finding people willing to let them actually use tp moves.

Did I mention these were black mages too?

Learned From: Buffalo

Okay, granted, inflicting plague may not be the most thrilling thing, but hey it might help.  Not to mention piss people off in Ballista.


These are listed pretty much in priority order.  Any help would be appreciated, as always!

General Posts / Very Unusual Gift
« on: December 01, 2006, 02:39:14 am »

It's an Ipod docking station that doubles as a toilet paper dispenser....

The scary thing is, the thing is backordered..

General Posts / The Official Lucky Chocobo Raising Topic!
« on: August 26, 2006, 08:42:53 am »
That's right, the place to post all sorts of random things whilst raising your little chicken nugget..  er..  chocobo.  Feel free to post stuff like names, questions, etc.

As for mine:

Stardust Eagle - male

Just hatched out a couple hours ago.  Took him for a couple walks.  They sure seem to take a good chunk out of his energy.

Help Desk / Blue Magic Learning!
« on: August 25, 2006, 05:44:07 am »
Help your friendly neighborhood Blue Mage today!
Resident LS Blue Mage Areya here.  My spell library continues to grow, but there are a few spells that I need some help acquiring.  Here's a rundown of the more important ones at the moment:

Spell: Jettatura
Mob: Hippogryph

This is difficult only because it involves a level capped zone.  2-3 people should be enough to take these on.

Spell: Frightful Roar
Mob: Taurus

Another spell involving level caps.  However for this one I'd prefer the DC-to-75 Brontotaurs in Ulegeurand Range.  Uncapped = AF gloves = higher chance to learn.  These mobs also have quite a few tp moves.

Spell: Voracious Trunk
Mob: Marid

Yeah...  these are a pain.  Mostly because of the Chigoes.  Since they're T-VT to 75 or so, full party might be nice.  Mostly want this because it's supposedly used in Auto-Refresh combination.

Spell: Radiant Breath
Mob: Wyvern

Another troublesome mob to fight.  Can learn this in Riverne, or by fighting T wyverns somewhere like Ifrit's Cauldron.

Spell: Frenetic Rip
Mob: Imp

They only use this move when they're almost dead, it seems.

That's just a short list for now.  Any help would be appreciated.

Submit a Link / Fellowship Link
« on: March 22, 2006, 06:19:21 pm »
I posted this on the other site but I'll repost it here too.

 [link=]Adventuring Fellow Guide - FFXIclopedia[/link]

It has nice charts concerning weapon upgrades, affinity and quests, armor lists, headgear, and such.  Some of the newer theory like region / mob type / crystal type isn't present (since it's still theory).

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