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Topic .

yeah I need to do some to get items for my DRK. I'll list them up later .

Yeah read le topic. <.<

If yer interested tell mesa.

Need to set up a date for it still.

Help your friendly neighborhood Blue Mage today!
Resident LS Blue Mage Areya here. My spell library continues to grow, but there are a few spells that I need some help acquiring. Here's a rundown of the more important ones at the moment:

Spell: Jettatura
Mob: Hippogryph

This is difficult only because it involves a level capped zone. 2-3 people should be enough to take these on.

Spell: Frightful Roar
Mob: Taurus

Another spell involving level caps. However for this one I'd prefer the DC-to-75 Brontotaurs in Ulegeurand Range. Uncapped = AF gloves = higher chance to learn. These mobs also have quite a few tp moves.

Spell: Voracious Trunk
Mob: Marid

Yeah... these are a pain. Mostly because of the Chigoes. Since they're T-VT to 75 or so, full party might be nice. Mostly want this because it's supposedly used in Auto-Refresh combination.

Spell: Radiant Breath
Mob: Wyvern

Another troublesome mob to fight. Can learn this in Riverne, or by fighting T wyverns somewhere like Ifrit's Cauldron.

Spell: Frenetic Rip
Mob: Imp

They only use this move when they're almost dead, it seems.

That's just a short list for now. Any help would be appreciated.

I think we should get a LS Assult Party together, now adays we don't really do anything together, i think we tried to do a BCNM thing and a lowbie thing but it just didn't work out T.T but yea i think just putting up the avialability in jobs for assults and which assults people prefer blah blah blah might help what's your guys opinoin? and i'm not sure if this is in the right spot

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