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Hi, I was wondering if I could get help getting a pair of dune boots... Here is some information I copied from ffxi.somepages about the NM that drops them:

Sabotender Bailarina [NM]
Level: 80-82
Zone: Quicksand Caves
Family: Sabotender
Crystal: Water
Weak to: Dark, Ice
Behavior for Sabotender Bailarina:

* Aggressive
* Linking
* Detects by Sound

Total Spawn Points: 1
Comments for Sabotender Bailarina:

* Spawns in the room at F-7, possibly as a lottery spawn from the Spelunking Sabotender in the area.
* Located at: Enter Quicksand Caves from Altepa Western Desert at G-5; found in the room at F-7 on that map.
* Killable by: 10 characters level 70
* Special Attacks: 1000 Needles

So I was thinking of camping for these this weekend probably Friday or Sunday night, so I hope you guys aren't too busy and could help me kill it? I heard that summoners are helpful and also having a stunner would be helpful too. And dragoons too cause their wyverns can eat some of the 1000 needles :)

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I'm on stage 2 Great Katana and have all the hard items needed for later stages obtained and I'm looking for cheap Dynamis Currency, the shells only for now. talking like 30k and less (maybe 35k lol) if you arent collecting these yourself and see them gime a tell :D thanks!

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I've been collecting Eyes for an eye cluster synth so that i can get my o hat!
Problem is that i still need Golden and the ones from SSG and rancor. If any one could help out with this i would greatly appreciate it!

Edit: Posted wrong eye!

Hmm ive never tried anything like this before.. so um here goes..
I would like to try and get a party/alliance going possibly to fight Vouivre for Gae Bolg and anyone else that wants/needs it.

Im not to well known by many people so hard for me to ask these kinda things lol.
Im in Okinawa Japan, Military so im normally only free on the weekends. In the US my weekends are off Thursday night-Saturday any help or comments would be appriciated ^^.

hey guys, I know most of you are usually busy but, I really need to kill Vouivre for that Gae Bolg. Any help is apprieciated. I am going to set up a run for this on Sunday April 2nd around 6pm est. If you can come please post a comment ^^ We need as much help as possible because Vouivre is kinda hard, all jobs welcome. anyways I hope to see you guys on Sunday! ^^


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