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AFK Time

Started by Areya, October 31, 2011, 05:55:57 AM

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How long does a person have to be away from keyboard before it's rude?

5 minutes
0 (0%)
10 minutes
2 (40%)
20 minutes
2 (40%)
30 minutes
1 (20%)
60 minutes
0 (0%)
90 minutes
0 (0%)
120 minutes
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 5


Just a curious question.


Rude in what context?

In the middle of a conversation without warning?  10 seconds.
In the middle of a conversation with warning without specified time frame?  A few minutes.
In the middle of a conversation with warning with specified time frame?  The specified time frame!
In the middle of a party without warning where people are relying on you to fulfill your role?  3 seconds.
In the middle of an EXP party without warning where your role is non-crucial?  A few minutes.
Idling in general without any obligations?  Never.

My opinions in certain scenarios but the question is too ambiguous to give an all encompassing number.


Was thinking mostly in a conversation unannounced.

AFKing during an exp party unannounced is bad no matter what!


Ahh, yeah pretty rude to AFK without saying anything if people expect you to be there.  Though LS chat is a little different since people pop in and out all the time and idle for extended periods of time, some of us longer than others!


It also depends on why, of course. Going afk mid-fight when you're direly needed to go smoke a cigarette is one thing, and doing the same thing because your child just fell and hurt him/herself is completely another  :o
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