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What's in your wallet?

Started by Ryudei, November 11, 2011, 09:38:24 PM

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What do you consider to be "a lot" of gil?



So I'm idly wondering to myself, in today's economy where most gear is r/e obtained in Abyssea or VW but income can be fairly lucrative if you do something like farm Dynamis currency daily, what really weighs in as "a lot" of gil.  To clarify, this isn't the purchase price for that high ticket item you may be eyeing on the AH, but the overall amount of gil one person might be carrying on their person for you to acknowledge them as friggin loaded!  I kinda wish there was room for more vote options but, alas, I can only pick 5.

So, what say you!  How hyper-inflated is the market?


Quote from: Ryudei on November 11, 2011, 09:38:24 PM
I kinda wish there was room for more vote options but, alas, I can only pick 5.

Hit (Add Option) and it'll make more options.  How do you think I had lists of 20 jobs?  lol


Ahh, had to allow scripts, wasn't working before.  I reset the votes to get more options up!


Can you have more than 99 million gil? I sadly never had more than 1 million at any one given time....
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Think the gil counter goes up to 999,999,999.  Think I remember a screenshot floating around with some guy with 150M or so.

In general I think currency is a little inflated, largely due to the fact you can convert cruor to gil by getting certain items with cruor and selling them to a vendor for gil.  Thus it doesn't involve the AH.