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Lucky O-Hat Run (We can do it!)

Started by Kyuuketsuki, March 28, 2006, 06:40:03 AM

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Okay, I know there are at least a handful of Lucky peoples that need their O-Hat, and I myself am one of them. I'm not the best at organising things, but sometimes you just have to step up if you want things done ~_^. So, here it is. If you need an O-Hat, and are willing to get it done, post here. If you need any eyes, I'm extending my help anytime you catch me online and not busy (Which, atm, will be almost anytime when I'm not in dynamis or CoP.). I'd like to get this done asap, maybe in the next two weeks, if possible. XD 69 drg and waiting till I get hat to keep going. :D

If you want to participate, be it to just help, or for your hat, just lemme know any certain times that would be better than others, so I can try to find a good common gathering time. I'm guessing atm that sometime on the weekend will be best for the run, but we'll see. I'll post an idea on when the run will be when I have more info. Also, post any jobs you're willing to offer... I know most of your guys' jobs and whatnot, but it'll still be handy to see for sure. ^_^.

Anyone who needs hat, please let me know which eyes you need along with the other info. I'll keep this post updated with a list of those who need and those who offer their help. ^^b

Burning -> KRT.
 Damp -> Ifrit's.
 Golden and Earthen -> Sea Serpent Grotto.
 Wooden -> Den of Rancor

Date/time still pending. But, hopefully this will be it.
Desired Date: Saturday, April 8th
Desired Time: Noon PST
Length: Roughly 30min per hat (15min between popping Hakutaku, 15min fight).

People going for Pyntie Het:
Ketsuki (75WHM, 69DRG)     ->     Has Cluster
Lothar (75WAR)                    ->   Has eyes, needs them synthed.
Bobz (73THF)                        ->    Needs wooden and golden eyes.
Lunetmoon (75RDM, 72WHM) -> Needs wooden, burning, and damp eyes.
Ariamo (75WHM, 73BRD) -> Needs wooden, burning, damp, and golden.

People offering Help:
Ryudei/Sheilah (75DRG/75NIN)
Phoenixblade (73THF)
Akiva (75NIN)
Ennaor (72MNK)
Selan (75RNG)
Zerila (75BST)


Yes I am a 75 Warrior...
Yes I have a Ridill...
{Help me out!}


LMAO lothar, thats retarded! XD

I generally have HNMLS events 6-9pm pst on any given day, can go later.  Generally speaking weekends during the daytime are best for me.

NIN75 DRG75 at your service.


I can help I have a hell of a lot of experience with this. When Soljas was around we sometimes had like 10 hours of O-hat runs at a time.
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NIN75/WAR37 (Shield) (Do you need it?)


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kk, if you're in for help or a hat, I need some feedback. Doesn't need to be here, can be in game if you need. I need to get this hat soon. This saturday seems too soon, and I'm sure people are busy. So, Saturday April 8th is my desired date for the run. I know a lot of the people (who haven't responded yet, other than Lothar) that need hat, need to get eyes. So, please get to it. If you need my help -please- ask me, and maybe we can get together. I don't want people to miss out on hats, but I can't wait forever ;;.

Anyway, April 8th, probably in the afternoon, early evening. Please give me feedback if this is okay. It seems that's one of the best times for a lot of people. I'll set an exact time when I have input, and if too many people have conflicts, I'll move time or maybe date. So, c'mon, ret's roll! Get your eyes if ya need em, and let's get some Pyntie Hets!

<3 Your friendly neighbourhood Kyuuketsukitty <3


<.< I think I'll be attending church during then. Still need to farm those hats. So lazy.

Because we live in a pink and fluffy world, that's why.


<.< I think I'll be attending church during then. Still need to farm those hats. So lazy.

Well, it might be after. Like I said, not sure of time until I talk to more people. ^_^ If yer interested in helping/trying for hat, I'll update with a definite time soon.


I could use an O-hat also. I have earthen and damp eyes, if any one could help me get the rest that would be cool


Quote from: Bobz on March 31, 2006, 05:18:56 PM
I could use an O-hat also. I have earthen and damp eyes, if any one could help me get the rest that would be cool

Just poke me in game and I'll help if I'm free (Which is about 85% or more of the time XD). I'm sure others would be down to go as well.


Yeah. I'll try for my hat too.

Currently have: Earthen.
Lunetmoon: Earthen/Golden.

Looks like I can't make it cuz I'll be getting ready for church on start time.

Because we live in a pink and fluffy world, that's why.


Congratulations to Lothar, Xiann, Chibiku, and Banananananananana... oh, and me. ^^b. Haku will never forget the day he tussled with Lucky. ^^b


I'm glad you guys were successful! I'm sorry I couldn't make it, I had the day from hell today, mainly my car breaking down while driving to get myself a new monitor when my old one when ker-flooey, and, since I don't have a cel phone, needing to walk to a phone to get a tow (do you know how hard it is to find a working pay phone these days?!?!). It took me about 10 hours altogether ><.
On the plus side, I got a pretty good deal on a new 19" monitor, to replace my dead 17" one!

anyway, sorry for the rant (I needed to vent :), and congratulations!
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^^; Sorry to hear about all that Zeri. It's okie, and thanks! Hehe, it seems to be the season for computers to break. :/