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March 1

Started by Areya, March 01, 2015, 08:26:04 PM

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Hungry for the latest in FFXI?  Sate your appetite on these developments!

Yorcia Alluvion Skirmishes were added in February.  In this minigame, you summon incredibly powerful monstrous defenders in order to save your base and take down the enemy stronghold.  Potently powerful armor sets are the reward from this pasttime!

In addition, Beastmaster pets can now skillchain and magic burst with their Ready moves now, and the charge time was reduced significantly.

For the truly dedicated, you can unlock new spells such as Utsusemi: San, Reraise IV, Threnody IIs, Storm IIs, tier V/VI nukes, and other special bonuses through Job Gifts.

More Wanted battles have been released as well.

Refractive Crystals allow you to toss augments on your JSE capes as well.  Normally you'd have to do Incursion for this, but now you can choose to augment them without resorting to this.

In future news, lockstyle will be getting a boost soon and be able to be tied to a equipment set.  Also, empyrean armor is slated to be reforgeable next update.


I am very excited by all of these things, even though I don't know what most of them are  ;D
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