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March 30

Started by Areya, March 31, 2015, 12:50:42 AM

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Okay, first a few words about the future of Vana'diel:  There are three addons slated to be released this year for FFXI.  After that, however, there are no plans for future expansions.  Also important to some folks, Playstation and XBox service will be phased out April of 2016.  So if you play FFXI and are on one of those systems you'll need to snag the PC version.

The March update gave us Vagary, tricky alliance content against the dark forces deep inside the Serpentine Labyrinth.  Also, empyrean armor can now be reforged, and GEO and RUN have empyrean equivalent sets.

Lockstyle can now make your armor and weapons appear as any item you possess and have a job capable of equipping.  No excuses for looking plain now!  You can even mix armor sets not normally possible.  In addition, these appearances persist on zone and logging out, and if you swap weapons your armor no longer reverts.

Summoners got some new blood pacts, there's also new Wanteds to hunt.

Game's not dead yet!