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Nov 12

Started by Areya, November 12, 2015, 06:26:04 PM

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The final chapter of Rhapsodies of Vana'diel has been released.  This is the final major update slated for FFXI, and ends the cross-expansion mission line.

Return Home to Vana'diel and the Discount Campaign are active again, if you wanted to stop in and see what all has changed.

In addition to the release of the Reisenjima zone, powerful new weapons called Aeonic Weapons have been introduced that allow you to do supreme skillchains.

This is probably one of the last posts that the website will have, so I wanted to say thank you to all the Lucky members, both current and from the past, for making it a great group.  While many of you have moved on to bigger and better things, I know several of you still stop by sometimes.  The game may change, but the memories remain.


For the record, I love all you guys :D
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They aren't shutting down the servers or anything right?
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Nah.  In fact they announced earlier in the month that there will be small monthly updates every month for the foreseeable future.  They're still gonna add new things to fight and some small quests.  There's just not any planned future full expansions.