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Been a While...

The LS site is pretty quiet, but the LS lives on!

While the game is still relatively quiet, there have been updates going on.  A new series of missions, The Voracious Resurgance, is in the process of being released, and there is some new content like Odyssey.

Although this site doesn't see much going, we do have a Facebook page and a Discord, so if you're looking for a way to get in touch, let me know!

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Nov 10

The latest update brings the first area of the new Dynamis - Divergence!  Here you can farm items required to reforge relic armor to +2/+3.

Other recent additions to the game include the ability to upgrade all the Ambuscade armor sets to +2, the release of the ultimate crafting shields, and many quality-of-life upgrades.

Several campaigns are going to be active this month, and the Discount/Return campaigns are still going.  The newest batch of Vana'versary objectives also just came out.

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Oct 25

Over the next few months, FFXI will have a series of campaigns intended for returning players to the game, so it's an opportunity for the folks that have been wanting to return.

Just thought I'd mention!

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May 2

FFXI celebrates its 15th Anniversary this month!

As such, there's a lot of neat things planned, lots of special campaigns and other diversions.

Omen's still around and Ambuscade has new opponents and the ability to +2 some of the sets, as well as vouchers for all 10 sets released so far.

It's not a stretch to say the LS isn't nearly as active now, but there's still friendly folks around, so don't hesitate to stop and say hi!

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February 21

So, what's new in Vana'diel?

Well, Omen continues to be expanded, and Ambuscade is still going on.  There's now HQ versions of the Adoulin reward rings that can be gotten from the Ygnas Directive quest line.  Bard and Red Mage also had significant adjustments and are better than before!  There's also new crafting shields called Escutcheons that can be upgraded to increase your craft level skills.

Been a while since you peeked in?  Maybe now's the time.

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