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So, what's new in Vana'diel?

Well, Omen continues to be expanded, and Ambuscade is still going on. There's now HQ versions of the Adoulin reward rings that can be gotten from the Ygnas Directive quest line. Bard and Red Mage also had significant adjustments and are better than before! There's also new crafting shields called Escutcheons that can be upgraded to increase your craft level skills.

Been a while since you peeked in? Maybe now's the time.

Hope everyone is having a good holiday!

Among recent changes to FFXI is the new Omen content, where you can gain materials to reforge artifact armor to even higher levels than before. Ambuscade is still going on and there's been many new mounts.

In January, there are several weeks of campaigns intended to catch up new or returning players to the game, so if you've been thinking about coming back, there's rarely a better chance!

Thought I'd mention this: Nov. 11-21st, these two periods are coming back again for FFXI. So if you want to come back, you can for free during the period, and also pick up all the expansions for a lower price.

Nope, we're still here!

FFXI's been a little quieter lately but there's still things going on! Ambuscade is still going full swing, and they even have a special new event for 11/11 Day this year.

I compiled a list of some various changes in FFXI that might be entertaining for older players to read, have a look: 25 Obsolete Things About FFXI

Just wanted to say congratulations to the handful of Lucky LS folks that successfully completed their Aeonic weapons today! Angelinn, Crumbs, Tulia, and myself! The sheer challenge of taking out some of the most brutal opponents in the game took many tries, but we persevered.

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